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IBM Rational Suite Training for IT Professionals

Education to get started with Scrum/Agile Master Training

The escalating demand for IBM Rational Suite can be daunting for companies looking to hire experienced IT practitioners with IBM Rational Suite skills. A significant number of today's IT workers do not have experience with the IBM Rational Suite Products. This skills gap can impede and delay deployments among all but the most forward businesses. Quickly building skills is a requirement to keep pace with the competition.

Hermann Software® Education helps you get going quickly via our Web-based training series. Taken as a whole, the series provides a solid foundation for recognizing, evaluating, and proposing your company's IBM Rational Suite needs. Start with the complimentary course Introducing the Basic and Framework Model of IBM Rational Suite Architecture and round out your introduction with two additional Web-based training modules focusing on IBM Rational Suite Basic, IBM Rational Suite Advanced. These Web-based courses are available at no charge!

As a complement to Web-based training, you can also take advantage of these introductory resources:

Get Started with Your IBM Rational Suite Training

Hermann Software® has developed a set of guiding Smart IBM Rational Suite principles — the Smart IBM Rational Suite ™ approach — based on experiences from IT and customers. Hermann Software® Education offers three primary education opportunities to immerse yourself in concentrated and focused classroom education that can build development and deployment skills for Smart IBM Rational Suite solutions for you.

Implement IBM Rational Suite with Hermann Software® product training

Through over numerious IBM Rational Suite training engagements, Hermann Software® has learned that companies think about IBM Rational Suite in terms of a life cycle: model, assemble, deploy, manage, and governance. Each of these steps is supported by carefully selected components of the IT industry software portfolio. Hermann Software® Training offers hundreds of flexible training options from Web-based to classroom courses that develop core skills for the Hermann Software® products that will underpin your IBM Rational Suite training solution.

Model Phase:

Hermann Software® IBM Rational Suite Certification

After completing your IBM Rational Suite training, you can validate your skills and demonstrate your abilities by sitting for one of two Hermann Software® IBM Rational Suite certifications.

Hermann Software® Certified Rational Suite Associate

Hermann Software® Certified Rational Suite Professional

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